In a recent fireside chat, Gerri Bannister, General Manager for Health at Home, discussed the successful strategic partnership between Health at Home and Sandhill Cove Retirement Living with Mary Sommer, the Director of Assistance and Living, and Shawn Perrigo, the Executive Director for Sandhill Cove Retirement Living.

The primary focus of the partnership is trust, with Health at Home serving Sandhill Cove residents for years. On-site nurses from Health at Home and weekly case conferences contribute to the community’s comfort and familiarity. Mary Sommer emphasizes the outstanding quality of Health at Home’s professional nursing staff and the crucial role they play in assessing and addressing changes in residents’ conditions.

The partnership’s success is evident in Health at Home’s consistent five-star rating. Shawn Perrigo highlights the relationship’s importance, completing Sandhill Cove’s continuum of care and allowing residents to age in place. The enduring relationships, professional staff, and constant communication contribute to residents’ security and comfort.

The discussion underscores the profound impact of Health at Home’s commitment to exceptional care, trust, and communication, enriching the lives of Sandhill Cove residents.

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